WIRE at a glance


WIRE (Word Impact Renewable Energy Limited) is a team of visionary leaders who believe in the possibility of achieving the most impossible missions. As the world gradually shifts from fossils to renewable energy, WIRE aim being at the forefront of the movement. WIRE believes the adoption of renewable energy can serve as a revolutionary solution to economic challenges, WIRE’S Renewable energy project will be the beginning of a revolutionary movement in the Nigerian power sector.

WIRE was incorporated in Nigeria (RC 1379394) to research, explore and exploit renewable energy sources for sustainable economic development. At WIRE, we believe that the adoption of Renewable energy is a revolutionary solution to economic challenges, mostly in the power and agricultural sector of Nigeria. With our experienced team, we assure our clients of the best solution to their energy and agricultural needs.

Our partnership with reliable manufacturers of quality technologies is an addition to assurance best delivery.



We envision a world where every community and organization can participate in the renewable energy revolution. Shared sustainable energy assets are the key to this vision, where power flows from the people and to the people. This is the real power, the kind that ultimately changes the world.

But it takes commitment, hard work, and a willingness to work on the details that move this new industry. That’s where we come in. WIRE’s goal is to make this revolution easier for everyone, to respond to your needs and your customers, and provide the indispensable end-to-end Renewable Energy solutions necessary to support the energy revolution.


WIRE’s mission is to lead the global transition to renewable energy starting with households and the small communities in Nigeria. While it’s no small ambition. As the world gradually shifts from Fossils to Renewables, we are dedicated and ready to play in that transition by delivering cost-effective utility-scale renewable energy to customers through our set of cohesive company values.


These VALUES are the cornerstone of everything we do:
Integrity. Safety. Innovation. Sustainability. Teamwork. Entrepreneurial approach. Respect.

Our values provide a foundation for best Standard and every aspect of delivery from development through construction and operation. Our global policies on Health and Safety, Quality and Environment are deeply embedded across our business. Teamwork, Innovation and an Entrepreneurial Approach are key to effective problem-solving. Respect and Integrity are at the very core of our development approach and are the basis for the comprehensive global Community Charter for interaction with the communities neighboring our projects throughout the lifetime of our projects.