As food waste remain a Biomass material,WIRE has linked Pharmacognosy to Biomass to explore the full potentials of food waste to produce medicines and promote healthy living.As bi-Product of anaerobically digested food waste to energy is organic fertilizer(promotes organic farming)we research further into exploring other benefits of food waste such as drugs.Our Biomass – Drugs is one of the most innovative approach to finding a lasting solution to health problems.
For example,it is a shocking revelation to tell a man who is trying to avoid or prevent terminal diseases that “you Can eat fruits,vegetables,watch all you eat and still get cancer”. Unfortunately, as the world evolves,the abuse of biomass materials increases and the nature depletion is an order of the day. Drifting to names, several will have their mouth opened wide with the truth stated above, Mari Lopez, Robben Gibbs, Marcia Wallace and several others who are members of the vegan society totally devoted to plant based diet had their fair shove of cancer. It is beyond what we eat but focuses more on how what we eat are grown (“Knowing”what we eat).Now, this should arouse the questions “then what should we eat?”, “how should we eat?” and “when should we eat?”. This set of questions usually pop-up at any gathering or events where healthy living and disease preventions is been discussed yet we often do not ask ourselves “where does our food comes from”, if we can’t recycle all at each point, we can repurpose food waste. I hope this pops right into everyone’s mind that the search to fill hunger is a bit while the quest to maintain a healthy life is explosive.
Children across the world watch the popular cartoon series the Simpsons at different point in time. The comedienne known for playing Mrs Krabappel for about to two decade won an emmy for the role in 1992, a vegetarian died of complications due to breast cancer. The list is endless but resultant effect can never leave families, friends, well wishers and even the world in the same phase. Food is the integral part of disease prevention the popular philosopher- Hippocrates says “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Food has overtime being used as a medical intervention to prevent chronic diseases and whilst thinking of energy from Biomass,we understand that human beings need to be healthy and stay alive to be productive at work.

Alternatively,the waste which is a component of food loss is an important ingredient in disease management and control. No matter where food waste occur, it present an opportunity for us to stay healthy, feed hungry people, save money and reduce environmental impact such as climate change. Decomposing food that’s tossed to landfills directly contributes to climate change . When this food rot, it release methane – a greenhouse gas at least 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. In accessing and repurposing food waste, it is expedient to understand the dynamic of foods grown, where do our food come from? The relationship between food and health is a direct and substantial impact from individual nutrients to entire diet, the provision of medically tailored meals has shown to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs for people living with chronic illnesses.

Considering where food comes from, it is an important factor to narrow how healthy we should be, be it organic, conventional/commercial and Genetically modified food (GM). Organic foods are farmed without the use of artificial addictives/chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms(GMOs).Organic fertilizer is the bi-product of anaerobically digested biodegradable biomass materials.Waste and products of this produce are interestingly suitable to be repurposed, refined, re-incorporated and recycled. They usually have food labels with 5 digits starting with a 9. Sadly, only a few are enlightened in this evolving world as more people are interested in conventional and GM foods due to high demand and not health demand.

Conventionally farmed food are usually grown with pesticides and fertilizers hereby amassing great yield for sales purposes usually labeled with 4 digit numbers. They are widespread in the world at large with the main focus being sales, availability rather than sustainable health goals. GM foods are bioengineered produced from organism that have series of changes added to their DNA using the method of genetic engineering. Label with 5 digit with an 8 indicate that the food is GM . the facts about GMO is that it cannot make agriculture sustainable they haven’t be able to increase yield or make food healthier as envisioned and have vastly increase the use of glyphosphaste which has serious implications for huzman health studies has however has shown that farmer and consumer exposed to glyphosphate had twice the risk of developing blood cancer; non-hodgkiin lymphoma. Since the introduction of GMS, farmers now apply more of the herbicide them they did before GMs come in the market and the impact on the biomass is tremendously hazardous on not only humans, certain birds, insects and other wild life but round the energy levels. Hence, GMOs are undoubtedly listed as carcinogens.

In Africa, GMOs has been targeted one of the major ways extreme poverty and hunger can be terminated but sadly with all indications there will be an increase in “bio-extinction” a major plague on crop farmers which in fact has be tagged as a dubious success because of it potential and obvious health risk. Sadly, Nigeria is among the six African countries leading in GMO crop adoption with South Africa, Burkina faso and sudan taking lead. It is worth noting that Nigeria has based its scientific opinion of GMO safety on the information by company trying to sell the product as opposed to independent study. The National bio-safety management acts of 2015 signed by former president Goodluck ebele jonathan permitted Monsanto to go on with it trials, free flow of GM, commercial release and trans border movement of GM in Nigeria. Now here is the question, if it leads to death, terminal disease, scarcity etc. why go for it ? convincingly, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine(AAEM) called on physicians to educate their patient the medical community and the public to avoid genetically modified foods when possible and provide educational material concerning GM food and its health risk calling for a moratorium on GM foods.

Having fully explained the importance of organic food and its component, food does not deserve waste as treatment, how will you feel if you toss your salary into a bin? We are tossing out food worth $990 billion globally due to food waste and loss, leaving potential cash and food drug ending up in the trash. Approximately 1/3 of the food produced every year gets thrown away that also amount to 1.3billion tones on top of this 192 million tones of greenhouse gas are release from the disposal of food, that’s like a 41 million cars driven continuously for a year.
Alternative means of handling food wastes focus more on utilization rather than disposal, for example when watermelon or pineapple rind is tossed into the bin potential calcium, iron, manganese and phosphorus supplement have been tossed away, according to research several of the epicarps, seeds and flowers of plants thrown out are loaded with active ingredient needed to prevent, manage and cure diseases such as diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure and cancers etc. It is worthy to note that the future of food waste management is in repurposing waste by converting them into stable medicinal product.

So how do we turn over billion tonnes of food waste into a banquet of healthy food drugs? Biomass to taste has set it custom prepared independent preparation of food waste drugs to suite several health need and alleviate the complication caused by diseases in it long term. Wouldn’t you like tobe free from diseases and remain healthy? Lets help you today!
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