We are glad to introduce that we are the first Renewable Energy Company in the world,driving an innovative shift from Electricity generation to Nutrition.

We understand that since healthy living is now a major concern in the world,we need to also keep customers healthy in such a way that they are alive to use their electricity.

This creates a healthy economic balance.

Firstly what has Organic bread got to do with Renewable Energy?

Organic Bread

Biomass,a source of Renewable Energy is an organic matter which includes biological material derived from living or recently living organisms.This same living organisms which includes plants can be converted for energy,food or even medicines.WIRE is taking advantage of this chain.

Each loaf contains No flour,No raising agents and No sugar,yet sweet and also good for Diabetics.

We believe that people who are ill shouldn’t be limited to pap and tea anymore as they can now eat that tasty bread.

Our loaf is a blend of pharmacognosy and Nutrition and the end feeling is a taste of organic sediments good for the body.

The quality of ingredient in one loaf of WIRE ORGANIC bread is enough to make 10 regular wheat bread.

We pay so much attention to details such that even if we have to add eggs to our recipe,We must know the process of rearing the birds to certify it’s organic authenticity.
Our organic are organic and our ingredients are monitored to be certified as organic.We don’t mind if our bread is scarce as we can’t afford to do mass production so if you find a loaf on any shelf at your pharmacy,grab it immediately because that would be 1 of 100 daily.

We are so confident that our quality cannot be found everywhere at every time.

As we constantly work on upgrading and adding more tastiness to our recipes,we hope that you’d enjoy this delicious one.

Life can now be yummy and healthy.